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Ambalaj ve Etiket Tasarımı Sarp Matbaa Etiket

Packaging and Label Design

As SARP Label, our company, which brings together professional craftsmanship in digital design with art, strengthens the packaging design title with perfect services.


In particular, box packaging design processes have recently turned into stages that will support many products to come to the fore and reach faster results in branding.


Our company also carries out the design work of product label packaging in the best way. The appearance of the product you will put on the market affects the sales performance by half.

Label Production

When we buy any product we need, the bars of different widths caught our attention. This set of black and white numbered bars is called a barcode.
We come across a barcode at least once a day. There is a barcode on the back of every product we buy and every item we currently use. Every product that passes through the cash register is packaged after being read by the cashier. These bars and numbers, which we see as ordinary labels, actually contain many things.

These codes, which are on the product, are pre-introduced to the computer. As soon as the product is coded with the 13-digit number written under it, a lot of information about the product appears on the screen as soon as it is entered into the computer. In this information; stock code, product code, product price, content, serial number.

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