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Carton label

Carton label; Cardboard label models, which contain information such as size information, brand information, information about fabric type, washing features and instructions for use, are frequently preferred in terms of minimizing the deformation of the products since they can be attached to the products with rope, ribbon or plastic twine. Cardboard labels vary according to different cardboard qualities.


The cardboard labels offered with the product can be a remarkable label choice by the customers.

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Karton Etiket Sarp Matbaa Etiket

Barcode Label

When we buy any product we need, the bars of different widths caught our attention. This set of black and white numbered bars is called a barcode.
We come across a barcode at least once a day. There is a barcode on the back of every product we buy and every item we currently use. Every product that passes through the cash register is packaged after being read by the cashier. These bars and numbers, which we see as ordinary labels, actually contain many things.

These codes, which are on the product, are pre-introduced to the computer. As soon as the product is coded with the 13-digit number written under it, a lot of information about the product appears on the screen as soon as it is entered into the computer. This information; stock code, product code, product price, content, and serial number.

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